Quest For Love

Montreal World Film Festival - 1988   London Film Festival - 1989 

Quest For Love

Alex's Theme


Revolution Pilot for SciFi Channel and CBS - 2008

Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

Tamsin Arrives in South Africa

Quest For Love

Background Choir at Customs


Opening movie for the London International Advertising Awards - 2008

'Sgudi 'Snaysi

Opening Theme Song - SABC TV2 - 1986 to 1993 - Penguin Films - South Africa

'Sgudi 'Snaysi

Closing Theme Song

Music for tv and movies

"African Express" was released in 1990 and is available on Prime Video.

"No Jacket Required" ran for 10 years on TV1, in South Africa, from 1984.

"Quest for Love" and "Tyger Tyger Burning Bright" were both well represented at international film festivals.



From the Producers of Revolution


hey guys, jammed, pushed, finished the mix friday afternoon, sad farewell to a much much improved large part because of your contributions...this is no idle smoke-up-the-ass blowing, your music was fantastic...scenes came alive in ways we had imagined way way back, but had lost track of through the muddiness of temp and time...and thanks for scrambling it all together so quickly...that was a lot of sound...we realize it, and much appreciate it...

let's keep our fingers crossed someone sees it for the epic it is and gives us hours and hours to seed and grow...

meanwhile, admiration

and warm thanks - 

john and ed

John Belucci and Ed Redlich

Producers of "Revolution"